Introduction: Is Moon Dough Better Than Moon Sand?

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we all have probably heard of these two child's modeling substances, but which one is really better? I will be testing many areas to compare them. I will test: moldability, clean up, how it acts in water, the substances abilities to stick to their selves, and over all appeal.

Step 1: Moldability.

Both substances hold shape very well, but moon sand is more crumbly. this is Probably due to the fact it is sand and moon dough is dough. If you want something to hold it's shape, both work fine, but moonsand is a little messier.

Step 2: Clean Up

as you cans see from the pictures, i tore both substances into small pieces. moon sand came apart and tends to wander,while you can ball up some moon sand in to a ball and use it to stick up the remaining clay, this is significantly harder with moonsand, which tends to crumble.

Step 3: Stickability

With the next water step leaving our test subjects wet, I switched colors to insure the validity of the experiment.
Something very important in modeling substances is its ability to stick to itself. Moondough sticks to its self very well and holds its structural integrity; while moons and sticks, it falls apart and crumbles if you don't piece it together to well, or build too big.

Step 4: How Does It Act in Water?

I made two pitiful boats, and I would like to add constructing a boat with moon sand was very difficult. the boat with moonsand fell apart upon making contact with the water, but the moon dough boat also fell apart much later.
When trying to remove the boats, the moon sand one fell to pieces, and the moondough became very liquidy.However, both substances reverted to their beginning state when dried.

Step 5: Overall Appeal

Moon dough is very soft and pleasant to play with, while moonsand is very grainy. Moonsand is also very messy, and hard to clean up. In conclusion, I conclude moon dough is better, having trumped moonsand in almost every category.