Introduction: Iskiate (Chia Fresca) Natural Energy Drink

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Iskiate, also referred to as chia fresca, is an all-natural energy drink with chia seeds as its main ingredient. The Tarahumara people of Mexico (popularized in Born to Run) use it as one of their primary sources of energy when running from point A to point B, which is sometimes up to 200 miles!

Iskiate is delicious, healthy, and easy to make. (To learn about some health benefits of chia seeds, look here.)

Step 1: Ingredients

The basic ingredients of iskiate are:

• Water
• Chia seeds (1-2 tablespoons per 500ml)
• Limes or lemons
• Sweetener of choice

The standard recipe for iskiate uses honey as the sweetener. However, a good alternative is coconut sugar, because it's vegan-friendly and has a low glycemic index. Use whatever sweetener you desire, or don't use any!

All ingredients above are added to taste. If it's not flavorful enough, add more lime juice. Not sweet enough? Add more sugar or honey.

Step 2: Combine Ingredients

Fill your water bottle or glass, leaving room for the other ingredients. Add 1-2 tablespoons of chia seeds. The chia seeds need a little coaxing to get into the water, so a little shake or stir at this point might be helpful. Now add the other ingredients.

After you've added your chia seeds, lime/lemon juice, and sweetener, give the bottle a good shake (or your glass a good stir ). Now you have to wait for the chia seeds to gel. I find it helps to shake or stir periodically to keep urging the chia seeds on. If you don't, you will occasionally get a clump of chia seeds that stick together, and that feels a bit weird in your mouth when you drink it.

If you're curious about what is going on with the gel that forms around the chia seeds, read this.

Step 3: Drink!

Once your iskiate looks like the picture here, like a bottle full of frogspawn (sorry, did I ruin it for you?), it's ready for your enjoyment!

Iskiate is quick and easy to make at home or on the go. I do a lot of jungle and mountain trekking, and keep little bottles of chia and honey in easy reach on my pack, along with a handful of limes. I can make iskiate as I walk or run!

Feel free to experiment with other ingredients, such as orange juice instead of lime or lemon juice. Have fun with it! Chia seeds are fun. :)

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