Introduction: Islamic Decorative Plaque "Keep Calm and Say Allahu Akbar"

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To decorate interior or the room for some Muslims is needed Islamic symbols or verses from the holy book of al quran, this time I will invite you all to make the decoration of Islam by name Islamic Decorative Plaque "Keep Calm And Say Allahu Akbar" Project

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Materials & Tools

Wooden boards with the size of approximately 500 cm x 150 cm x 2 cm

Spray paint according to favorite color

Vbit 90 degrees 1/2 inches

End mill 6 mm

Vectric Aspire Aspire 8.5

Mach3 CNC Milling Controler

Step 2: Design With Vectric Aspire 8.5

  • Open the vectric aspire 8.5 program on your desktop
  • Set Dimension With Origin ( Width : 500 cm, Hight : 150 cm Thickness: 2.5cm) z zero is on top of material, x datum is the bottom left corner, unit is mm
  • Import bitmap for tracing if it will make from bitmap file or write with Draw Text tools
  • Add a box vector with Draw Rectangle Tool that covers all existing vectors as shown

  • Select All Vectors to create toolpath, choose V-Carve / Engraving Toolpaths on Toolpath Tab

  • Specify your tools Vbit 90 degrees for engrave with flat depth 3mm, End mill 6 mm for Flat Area Clearance tool (With each of the steep over each tool parameters matching the vectric default)

  • Calculated your toolpath and see the results of the simulation toolpath on the screen whether it is appropriate or not for further handling

  • Now you can save the toolpath you have calculated in two file types each representing the type of tool that will be installed at the time of machining with mach3 controller with .tap files extension ( V-Carve.tap for vbit tool and V-Carve [Pocket] for end mill tool)

Step 3: Set Your Workpieces

  • Make sure your board is completely flat on the top surface

  • Clean from dust and dirt Spray using spray paint that you have provided make sure when spraying with a sufficient distance and do not direct thick but you can do a few layers with a thin spray

  • Wait until the paint is dry

  • Then place the workpiece on the machine table with the position parallel to the length of the table and screws to the work table so that it is felt strong enough

  • Attach end mill to the spindle

  • Setting the starting point position for x, y and z axis

  • Turn on the cnc router with all the buttons except the running button on the spindle

  • Open the mach3 mill program on the existing desktop, load the V-Carve [pocket] file you created with Vectric Aspire 8.5

  • Turn on your spindle


Step 4: Cutting

  • The first cutting process is done using the end mill for Clearance area in accordance with the specified depth of 3 mm
  • After the clearance of the area is completed,
  • Turn off spindle, replace end mill with Vbit
  • Repeat the above steps Load the V-Carve.tap file on your mach3 screen, setting the starting point of the z axis (for the x-axis and y-axis does not need to be re-set)
  • Turn on the spindle and Start cycle

Step 5: Process Is Complete

Clean the wooden fibers that are still attached to the sides of numbers and letters, sandpaper with care when necessary

For more details you can see on the video that I include

These project is intended for inspiration. Woodworking and metalworking is dangerous. Always seek professional advice and training before using any power tools or CNC machine. If you have any uncertainty before performing any procedure, stop and learn a safer method. Understand that there are years of learning and experimentation by me that are not in the instructions. Do not attempt anything simply because you saw it in one of my instructions or videos.