Island-style Pan-fried Fish (two Ways)

Introduction: Island-style Pan-fried Fish (two Ways)


Today I'm sharing two of my favourite methods of preparing fresh saltwater fish. The recipes have slight variations in the process but make a huge difference in taste. Both are easy to prepare & use almost similar ingredients with one or two switches here & there,

I'm using the seer fish (a.k.a. Pacific mackerel, king fish, etc) but these recipes go well with any fatty saltwater fish.

Let's begin..


10 fresh pieces of seer fish
Cooking oil to shallow fry

For green paste:
A handful of parsley
1 green chillie
8-10 tiny garlic cloves

For marinade:
Red masala (can be replaced with equal measurement of red paprika+garam masala)

Recipe #1 extras:
10 garlic cloves
2 teaspoon salted tamarind

Mixing plate
Frying pan

Step 1: Prep

-Rinse the fish under fresh water and pat dry

Blend the ingredients under green paste in a mixer grinder finely. Don't use water.

Soak tamarind in a water bowl for 5 minutes. Smash with your hands to make a pulp and use a strainer to separate the rough parts. Keep the smooth pulp aside.

Step 2: Recipe #1

Take the fish in a mixing plate.

Pour the tamarind pulp, 2 tsp green paste, and seasonings (see marinade ingredients) over the fish pieces and rub thoroughly.

Heat oil in frying pan & toss the smashed garlic.

As the garlic turns slightly golden, place the fish over it.

Flip the pieces over once they change colour and turn crispy on the outside.

Cook on both sides for around 5-8 minutes on medium flame.

Step 3: Recipe #2

Marinade the fish using ingredients under 'for marinade' and green paste.

Heat oil in a frying pan and fry on both sides till cooked and darkened... around 5-8 minutes on medium flame.

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