Introduction: Isometric Gaming Room

Simple isometric gaming room to help learn different skills when using tinker cad

Step 1: Walls

Create a wall from a cube that is 100*5*100 duplicate it then rotate it 90 degrees, then move it so it is square with the other wall.

Step 2: Flooring

To create a plank get a cube and scale it down to 30*10*2, get another cube, make sure to select hole, rotate it 45 degrees and put in on the top edges of the plank join them to create a slight chamfer.

Step 3: Floor Placement and Cutting

Place the floor in any orientation you want, then create another hole cube to trim all the edges square.

Step 4: The Door. (Decided to Change the Walls to Black)

Create a hole cube to the dimensions of the door hole you want then join them to create the cut out.

Make another cube the same width*height*length of the hole and place it in there. add another hole cube that is just a bit smaller then the actual door to add some depth to the door.

Create a handle using a cylinder and a cube.

Step 5: The TV

Get two cubes one black and one white, makes sure the white cube is just slightly bigger then the black becuase the is the rim on the TV.

Then add red strip as a IR sensor.

Step 6: Table and Console

create any table you like or drag one from the OSMI hangout space In tinker cad.

to create the console just create a thin black cube and put a chamfer on that add a blue rectangle as a "light"

Step 7: Give the Room Some Life.

Drag and drop pre made objects or create your own to give the room a bit of life.