Introduction: Ital Seedling Box

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This is a seedling box made from up-cycled wood from some old chicken feeding troughs.

The essence was to come up with a simple solution of propagating seedlings without using plastic bags.

Step 1: Materials Needed for This Project

6x2" wooden planks


3 inch nails


Step 2: Tools Needed for This Project

Circular saw

Jig saw

Power drill



Step 3: Making the Side Planks

We made the initial grooves using a circular saw. This were later widened using a wide drill bit to expand them to allow the partitions enough room to slide in & out without play.

Step 4: Making Plywood Partitions & Assembling the Frame to Pallettes

The approach we used was to make one piece for the rows and another for the columns; this was then used to cut out the rest of the pieces.

The longer partition was 120 cm x 20 cm with 1 inch grooves 10 cm apart.

The shorter piece was 60 cm x 20 cm with 15 cm grooves 10 cm apart.

This can then be reproduced to fit the amount of boxes you want.

We used the 3 inch nails to join the frame to the pallette.

Step 5: Adding Our Soil & Seeds to the Box.

Our soil was prepared a while ago with organic manure I will be posting up that video soon.

After adding the soil to the boxes sprinkle some water and let the soil be moist overnight so as to plant seeds the next day.

We planted our tomatoes and this is how it looked after 2 weeks then after a month there were ready for transplanting.

Step 6: Transplanting to Farm

Once the seedlings are ready for transplant all you need to do is slide up the plywood partitions gently and your seedling blocks are ready to hit the farm.

A great tip is to avoid watering your plants a few hours before transplanting at least 24 hrs is ok.

All the best in your organic farming.

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