Introduction: Italian Cheese Corn : Mayonnaise Recipe

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In this instructables, I am going to share a food recipe.

I saw a street vendor making it, bought it and just loved the taste!

So here we go.

Step 1: Ingredients

  1. Salt (1/4th tablespoon)
  2. Cumin Powder (Jeera) (1/4th tablespoon)
  3. Chilli flakes (1/4th tablespoon)
  4. Mango Powder (Amchur) (Pinch of it is enough)
  5. Oregano (1 tablespoon, you can use more of it as no one hates more oregano!)
  6. Mayonnaise (5-7 tablespoon, you can use more, not too much!)
  7. 1 full lemon

Step 2: Main Item

250 grams of sweet corn (as shown).

Wash it thoroughly just to remove any corn hairs.

Step 3:

Take 8-9 cups of water in a boiling bowl.

Add your washed corns in it.

Make sure the level of water is way above the level of corns. They should swim (float) in it!

Boil it for 20-25 mins. To make good boiled corns, take one corn out while boiling and try to cut it with a knife. If it feels soft, then it's boiled.

Step 4:

Take out boiled corns and drain the water.

Add one full lemon in it.

Step 5:

Add all the ingredients at once.

Step 6:

Now add 5-7 tablespoon of mayonnaise.

Step 7: Final Step

Mix it thoroughly.

You will get the consistency as shown.

Taste it, if something feels low then just add it.

I have given the least amount of ingredients required.

Step 8: Tell Me About It!

The name of recipe says cheese but it does not uses any. I named it this way as it was written at the vendor I saw the recipe.

Please comment how does it tastes.

Thank You for reading.

Have a nice day ahead!

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