Introduction: Iterator (Python GUI Application)

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Hi guys, I'm back with another awesome instructable.

This time I learnt Python, and I thought after learning a programming language it is better to do develop some software. So I got an idea why not create a software which can help with the tedious process of saving the files with specified names, so here it is "Iterator".

Step 1: Python Code:

You can get the python code here: and the important thing is that you have to place icon and image files in the same folder.

Step 2: Where It Is Useful:

When I was learning Python through internet, I used snip tool in windows to snapshot the important point. And when I want to save these snapshots everytime I need to type in some name, then I got the idea to create this software.

So just by pressing the specified hotkey it saves the files with the specified name. The first pic shows using snip tool to snapshot about "python closures topic",

Step 3: And I Use Iterator Software Here:

  • you can observe that hotkey is set to ctrl+1.
  • and you get notification when the save files reach 10
  • .and all the files will be saved with the prefix of "python closures".

Step 4: This Is How the Files Will Be Save:

This Iterator software saves the files with the specified prefix and sequence of numbers.

Step 5: Thank You :)

......................THANK YOU............................