Introduction: It's All in the Form

This instructable is to demonstrate how to properly shoot a lacrosse ball.

Step 1: Materials

These are the materials you must have in order to shoot a lacrosse ball. (a lacrosse stick, a lacrosse ball and a lacrosse net)

Step 2: Hand Placement

You should place your hands about a foot away from each other. Use your top elbow as a reference (see photo). This hand placement is important for accuracy and speed.

Step 3: Hands Back and Loaded

Place your head on your shoulder and extend your arms back. Your shoulder and front hip should be pointed at the goal in order to shoot the ball accurately.

Step 4: Footwork

After your upper body is correctly situated. You should then focus on your footwork. Step forward with your front foot allowing the back one to follow behind (see image above)

Step 5: Follow Through

After you complete the footwork step, you must twist your hips and core in order to create power and torque. Bring your stick over the top vertically and finish off by swinging your leg around. When you are finished your chest and hips should be facing the goal.

Step 6: Recap