Introduction: It's Fun to Make Cheap, Quick and Easy Indoor Carved Sculptures and Decorations - the Way I Do It -

What I want to show you is a simple, fun way to make an idea or if you just want to illustrate an idea or just make a lovely gift.

Step 1: Easy to Obtain Simple Tools. Even From the Nearby DIY Store.

What I am using now is used for Ytong quick light construction. Porous lightweight material. Slightly crumbly easy to shape. The downside to this, though, is that it breaks quickly untreated.

What else is needed:

Tape measure

Graphite carpenter pencil

Hand saw

Right angle

Sandpaper (it's 120 here but any good)

Chisel for fine small adjustments

Drywall file (dry construction)

Drywall saw (dry construction) for shredding and roughing tasks

We do a lot of dust and dirt with them :)

what’s even more useful is an apron the less you’ll get dirty

Step 2: Preparation and Planning

Have an idea of what you want.

Gather inspiration or start doing, experimenting with something with the material.

Ytong can usually be found in specific bricks on the building section. at a relatively reasonable price:
200mm x 600mm x 50mm or 75mm 100, 120, 125,150, 200.

Choose from these what you want.

The 200 x 600 x 50 I used now was shredded into smaller pieces.

I sketch the imaginary shape on the brick shape, on its different sides, with the pencil.
From the side,

From the front

From above,

From behind

If you need it from another side and also from below, so you can see the proportions.

I use the right angle for more precise routing of the lines.

Step 3: Form Preparatory Roughing

With the hand saw and the drywall saw,

I make cuts and remove the larger parts that are not needed.

Caution! It breaks quickly and the smaller parts can bounce off!

The pictures speak for themselves. :)

I show that, where necessary, side by side with several small cuts and strains, breaking out (smaller) pieces the material to be removed.

Step 4: Elaboration of Refinements, Details

I use a saw, file, sandpaper and chisel.

I round, I specify the shapes. I start to lose weight from the rough sizes (fat).

If necessary, I can also enrich the shape with a pointed needle-like tool. (example: eyes, ears, nose, etc.)

In the present case, a small Asian horse shape found shape.

Care must be taken not to break an important detail parts!

Step 5: Finish and Enjoy the Finished Work!

It is not finished with sanding and small scratches.

Of course, you can stay that way if you don't tap

To prevent littering and falling apart, it is advisable to seal the surface.

It can also be with a simple hairspray, or with a dilute plaster solution or painted with paint, even as if it were an old sculpture. Antique Colored in white, gray, brown or whatever you want.

Because it's done very easily and quickly.
(it was about 30 minutes) a special unique was realized. It takes your self-confidence to see what you are capable of. :) At first, it is worth making smaller things anyway and you will make better than better! I hope you liked it!

Oh, it's important! Even if it doesn't always work out the way you imagined, just show it to someone who has no idea what it is and .... ask proudly how cool? Whatever receiveanswer. Do not stop! Do something you have never done before! This makes life an adventure! :D

Step 6: More a Little Inspiration

Anything can be from simple assembled rounded small animals or Ancient Asian man figure figurines ... let's go! !

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