Introduction: It's a Rip-off Memo Board

I saw a few of these on Pinterest and thought it looked just the job for my shed. I've called it 'rip-off memo board' because I ripped off the idea and because you have to rip o..., well, you get the picture.

People have used various things in the construction, including wood from pallets and black iron pipe and pittings. Here's what I used:

Kraft roll 10 inch wide (the wider stuff is cheaper, but wouldn't fit in the space I had)

OSB board (I had some left over from my shed build). Sure, I could have just done away with the board and fixed the gubbins directly on the wall, but then it would have been a 'memo wall' and not a 'memo board'. And this way I can move it around.

2 x 14 inch metal strip (I cut mine from some angle aluminium)

About 18 inches of steel pipe (mine has 20mm diameter), plus bit extra for former for forging

Thin steel bar for the pipe supports (I cut mine from an old Ikea laundry basket). You could just use coat hooks, or screw in eyes.


Step 1: Board Yet?

Cut your board to an appropriate size for your wall and your paper. Obviously...

Step 2: Strip Off

Cut your strips allowing at least a couple of inches each side wider than your paper

Step 3: Oh Sandy, Sandy

Sand a nice cutting edge on the bottom strip to ease the tear off. And drill the screw holes.

Step 4: Screw It...

Screw the strips on in the appropriate place.

Step 5: It's a Wrap

If you forge metal, then you will probably know what to do from looking at the photo, but here we go anyway...

Draw your steel out to a suitably long taper. You don't need to, but I like the organic tendril like look.

Wrap it around a spare bit of the same tubing. Wrap it tight to make it look round and look good. Make sure you finish the wrap with the points where you want them. Then work it back and forth a few times while still hot to slacken it off slightly. Whack the non pointy end and shape for screwing, ensuring you cool the coils in water first so you don't mess up your beautiful work.

Obviously the photo is of the finished piece, you have to work QUICK while doing this from the forge, so I didn't have time to take a photo.

Once they had cooled I cleaned them up with a wire brush on a drill. Then I gave them a quick spray of clear coat.

Step 6: Assemble

Screw you support arms on, making sure the paper can run through smoothly.

Step 7: Note to Self...