Introduction: "Its a Small World" Nursery

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For daughter number two, we decided to continue our Disney theme for her nursery.(Daughter number one has a Peter Pan nursery,complete with a mural of London,and Pans shadow on the wall,slideshow on that coming soon!) The images are mostly taken from snapshots of the Small World ride in Disneyland, and then redrawn by me. The artistry of the ride comes from Mary Blair,and some books of hers were used as reference as well.

All these images were drawn in a graphics program  These are vector drawings,and are infinitely scalable,and they print up beautifully on full sheet clear labels on my inkjet printer. I cut the shapes out for most of them,stuck them on the wall,and they have lasted the year without any fading,and look amazing (IMHO)..

A blue and green stripe around the room serves as the "water" that takes visitors around to the various lands.It took several weeks to draw all the images,and it amazed me how the room ate them up,it was really tough to get the feel of the park ride with so much white space between images,but I think its good enough,and man,I am done with this one!!

Hope you enjoy.

BTW! Don't feel like making your own images? My EXACT images are available for purchase through my website, or from In either vector format, or.jpeg! Go to to view the images in more detail. There is a link there for purchase as well. Thanks!