Introduction: How to Make a Recycled Gift Box:

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These gift boxes are really simple to make (if you can work out my instructions) and require no gluing or sticking, best of all they are made from recycled materials!

You will need:
* Some paper to make your boxes from, I use childrens books picked up from chairty shops etc.
*Pen or pencil
*A little patience - this is my first 'How to' and its actually really hard trying to describe paper folds so I'm sorry if any of this is confusing!

Please do use the pictures and notes to help you!

Step 1: It's Astounding;

Begin by removing as many pages from your book as you will need to make your boxes. You will need one page for the top and one for the bottom of the box.

As the majority of books are rectangular you will need to make your page into a square.
To do this you need to have your rectangle page long ways (horizontal) Bring the top right hand corner down towards the bottom edge of the page so that the bottom right hand corner folds and right hand edge is laying parallel to the bottom edge.

Basically you need to fold it over to make a triangle so the right hand and bottom edges are now both at the bottom.

You will be left with a rectangular piece along the left side, cut this off but do not throw it away.

Unfold your triangle and you will now have your square.

Do this step as many times as you need for the number of boxes you are making.

Step 2: Time Is Fleeting;

Next you need to start making creases in your paper. This is to make it easier to fold into a box.

The first fold you make is a diagonal, there will already be one diagonal fold if you made your square from a rectangle (for example top left to bottom right) so you need to fold the paper in the opposite corners now (top right to bottome left). Unfold and you will see a cross fold accross your paper.

Step 3: Madness Takes Its Toll.

Fold each corner point into the centre and unfold.
You will notice that these folds made creases on your paper, now take each corner in turn and fold up so that the point meets the crease you just made. Unfold.

Step 4: But Listen Closely...

Next fold each corner tip to the nearest crease.

You still with me? Excellent on we go.......

Step 5: Not for Very Much Longer.

So all your creasing's done and you're left with a pretty pattern of folds on your paper.
You will notice in the centre is a square (I've marked it  with black pen so you can see it clearly)

You now need to make 2 cuts towards this square following the fold lines either side of one of the corners.

Repeat this on the opposite side. Do not cut into the square in the centre.

Step 6: It's Just a Jump to the Left.

You will have to bigger flaps and two smaller flaps now.

Working with the larger flaps, each has 3 folds, starting at the base fold, fold it up along the cut line.
Along the middle crease fold the paper over, inwards. (pic 1 + 2)
Your final crease is across the tip of the corner, the triangle is forms will now be sitting on the square we drew earlier in the centre of the paper. (pic 1 + 2)

Repeat this step with the opposite flap.

Once both sides are folded in youwill have sort of wings to either side, these need to be folded in toform the box shape. (pic 3)

Step 7: And Then a Step to the Right.

Now bring up the smaller flaps, folding them over the wings in the same way you did the bigger flaps before.

Step 8: Put Your Hands on Your Hips.

Your box is now technically complete, make sure your press everything tightly into the corners.
You can leave it how it is and use it like this or you can add finishing touches and make a base.

Step 9: You Bring Your Knees in Tight.

To make the inside look neater take the piece of cut off paper you saved earlier and draw around your box.

Cut out the shape and press it into the sides and corners of the inside of your box. It will stay put by itself so no need for glue of sticky tape.

Next  you need to make the base for your box.

Step 10: But It's the Pelvic Thrust That Really Drives You Insane.

To make the base you need to make another bow, exactly the same only a tiny bit smaller.

To make it smaller, fold your starting square in half diagonally leaving a .5cm approx border around the outside (marked with pen) and cut this off. Now make the box as before.
Once finished, this half will be slightly smaller than your first half and fit inside it,

Step 11: Let's Do the Time-warp Again. Let's Do the Time-warp Again.

Finished boxes!
Yay, well done.

Thank you for sticking with me, I know it was a bit confusing at times!

P.S My step titles are the lyrics from Rocky Horrors 'Time Warp' song :)