Introduction: J Step Corkscrew

J step Corkscrew is a tricking move that requires athletic ability and some air awareness. It is an off axis backflip with a full twist. But with practice this a move that most any athletic person can accomplish.

Items needed:

1:A good pair of athletic shoes, or bare feet.

2: Grass or a gym floor.

3: Determination.

4: Athleticism.

Step 1: J Step

First you will be doing a J step into the Eagle pose. So after a few steps forward, you will take a large diagonal step to the left with your right leg (if you twist left) or the the right with your left leg(if you twist right). I twist left so I step with my right foot ( look to picture)

Step 2: Eagle

Then you step with your back foot forward so now you have made a 180 degree turn. From there you will swing your back foot around and you will hit the eagle pose. Now this is not a pose that you stop at but all of this is one fluid motion. But it is important that you go through this with your arms up ready to swing up and set.

Step 3: Set

This is the most important part. You must set if you art to get the hight required to flip. So from eagle pose you swing your leg and arms up together to provide the lift. This is crucial! It should feel very fluid and floaty, like a swing lifting you up off the ground.

Step 4: Wrap, Spot and Land.

From the set you wrap both arms to the left if you twist left and to the right if you twist right. This will start the rotation and the spin. From there you spot the ground and land.

Practice, Practice, practice. That is the only way to accomplish the J step Corkscrew. Check it out on youtube and enjoy learning one of the coolest tricks.

Step 5:

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