J9 Speaker Box

Introduction: J9 Speaker Box

So I am building a speaker box with bluetooth speakers. I had to first go to Home Depot to get the supplies I needed. I had to get Wood and I also had to get carpet so I can place it around the speaker box so it can muffle the noise. Also I will apply leds on the speaker and the lights will fluctuate with the music

Step 1: The Intro

In my dorm room I put together the box so I can get an idea for what I want and how I want it. I was also looking forward to seeing what I need to cut and trim so I can make an even box.

Step 2:

In this step I laser cut some foam core so I can have the exact measurements so the speakers can fit in the wood. If the hole is too small the speaker will rattle and will not fit.

Step 3: Trim and Screw

In this step I was able to trim the wood evenly and screw it in to I can make the box.

Step 4: The Finale Part 1

In this step I glued the carpet on and I made the final touches. I also had to get speaker wires so I can connect the subs to the stereo and when I find the amp that will push both I will connect the wire to the amp.

Step 5: AMP

Next I went out looking for a good amp that was not too expensive. I was able to come across this amp and I hooked it up to my speakers by using speaker wire. Also I connected my bluetooth via RCA cables.

Step 6: Leds Lights

I was looking for some leds that will fluctuate with the music playing. I made the mistake by grabbing the wrong ones so therefore I had to order some sounds leds offline from amazon. So I applied the strips along my speaker by using adhesive.

Step 7: Battery Supply

In order for the subs to play I needed some power to push them. So I am borrowing my dads battery supply so I am able to have a battery source.

Step 8: The Finale

Here is a video of my finished project!

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