Introduction: JAB Robot

This is JAB. It's a tripod and has a lot of power, as well as moderate torque. Though the weight isn't distributed well.

Step 1: Building Stages

These images display our original process of building the robot.

Step 2:

You will need 4 chasis rails. these will become the base of the robot.

Step 3:

The original gear ratio that we had used was 36:36 / 1:1. We changed the gear ratio from that 1:1 to achieve a higher speed.

Step 4:

You will use the 4 chasis rails and 2 long holke bars to actually build the base of the robot, so you can attach the VEX Panel, motors, and wheels.

Step 5:

We added large wheels on the side of the robot and the long bars to attach the very large guiding wheel we added.

Step 6:

Step 7:

When we ran the robot, the wheels shook, and the robot did not run very fast. We realized that there was too much weight in the back and not enough in the front to balance it out, therefore, if we were to add the minimum weight of 2.5 pounds, the robot would tip backwards. We decided to add weight to the front by adding a flat plate. when we ran the robot it was pretty fast, but still could not pull any weight.

Step 8:

We had a hard time figuring out what the problem was, we thought that maybe the wheels were too big so we took them off and put on a slightly smaller size.

Step 9:

After realizing that it was not the wheels, we came to the idea that the gear ratio made it hard to carry weight because there was not enough torque. So we changed the gear ratio to 86:36, and by changing that, we were able to pull 5 pounds with ease!

Step 10:

We added 5 more pounds and the robot moved about a centimeter. We then thought to change the wheels, because it was thought that the wheels we had did not have enough friction, causing the robot to barely move. We changed the wheels to the same size but that had moving parts all around it.

Step 11:

The same size wheels with moving parts on it did not seem to help, but actually make it more difficult.

Step 12:

We went back to the original wheels that we had, very large ones.

Step 13: Final Product

Our finished project and how much it could do.