Introduction: J.A.R.V.I.S


I think you all have seen Ironman movie where tony stark use his pesonal assistant Jarvis and now i made one Jarvis android app to control all home appliances.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Hardware required


2) LED'S


Software's required

1) Arduino IDE


Step 2: How It Works

I have created a Jarvis android app which uses google speech recognition to find the words that we speak and then it responds us.......
We can use this to control home appliances using LinkitOne

Download and upload the below code to Linkitone
LinkitONE code

You can download jarvis app from my google drive folder link below


Just install the app and try these commands below:
1) Hello
2)hey jarvis
3)Tell me abou yourself
4)how are you
5)what's your name
6)turn on lights, lights on
7)turn offlights, lights off
8) What about current status
9)you there
10) onnet to bluetooth, connect buetooth

In order to control lights i have connected Led to pin 13.
Now power on linkitone,for the first time alone open Bluetooth settings in phone and click search for new deices and select Linkitone.
Open the jarvis app, say lights on and see the magic....

Watch my video for more details

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