Introduction: JCase Blu

Here is the second installment of my budget suitcase speakers.  I renamed it JCase since before I didn't have a name for them except Boomcase Mimic.  Please enjoy.

Step 1: Parts and Tools List

Lepai 2020A+ Amplifier
1970 Samonite Blue Suitcase
2 used Isophen 4 ohm VW Rear speakers/ 2 philips 8 ohm Front tweeters from a 1993 Corrado VR6
1 philmore DC panel mount jack
1 3.5mm panel mount jack
1 retractable 3.5mm male to male audio jack
1 L.E.D volt display meter
Poly-fil (from the store or old stuffed animals, sorry Teddy Ruxpin)

12v-18v drill
1/2" Drill bit
1/4" Drill bit
hand saw or in my case a stainless steel kitchen knife ( router is faster)
solder, soldering iron
electrical tape
Dremel, sanding bits
Plastic masking
3M or similar masking tape

Walking Dead on AMC and a six pack of Ithaca Flower Power IPA, or a cocktail I looked up on  my "Mr. Bartender" app

Step 2: Design

I strayed from a stock mockup in a cardbaord box to just a simple design placement in photoshop.  The main difference from this case compared to the BoomCase Mimic is the L.E.D volt meter for the battery. 

Step 3: Masking/ Cutting

-Tape up your suitcase, draw your template
-Drill starting holes, and cut into the box, a router would be ideal but I only had a stainless steel kitchen knife
-Dremel your holes smooth and to fit the speakers

-This time the plastic was at least about 1/4 inch thick so it took me way longer to cut.  I think it's time to invest in some power tools. :)

Step 4: Finished

Finished product next to Boomcase Mimic.  Please enjoy.  I'm considering selling these so if your interested please message me and I will also do commisions if you have a specific case you want to be built.  Thanks for reading.............  Keep on creating..

Step 5: Battery

Anker® Astro3 10000mAh Multi-voltage 5V / 9V / 12V 2A External Battery Pack:

Step 6: Video

Sound TEST 1:
Sound TEST 2:
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