Introduction: JD Rocket Light

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I made a Jack Daniels rocket ship light from recycled parts and some new new LED's and resistors

Step 1: Parts and Tools

I started off with one full Jack Daniels bottle (Obviously we had to finish it) A Chrome nose cone from an old lava lamp I think, pallet wood an old base of a table lamp in a light metal which is just a dome. A power pack from my box of 25 rechargeable battery rechargers I bought at auction. 12 volt DC 9 watt with 0.8 amp current


JD bottle

Pallet wood

Battery power pack

470 ohm resistor

2x blue LED's

Chrome nose cone

Table lamp base dome


240 volt Drill

Soldering iron

Glass drill

Bandsaw for the fins out of pallet wood



Hot glue gun

Step 2: The Build

I kept the bottle top and it fit the nose cone perfectly so just had to make a hole for the nut to fit the nose cone.

Drilled a hole in the base of the bottle using a glass drill (This is by far the best way and the drills are very cheap) slow going and you use water to keep it cool and lubricated.

Shaped the fins and used epoxy and the glass drill to make a hole for a dowel on the fins (this worked way better than I expected)

Cut the adaptor off the power pack and fed it through a hole in the metal base, which meant I could solder the 2 x blue LED's and the resistor and hot glued them in place

Step 3: Conclusion

This was again an easy build the only difference being it involved differing materials, the 12 volt power supply is safe and I have run it for long periods with no detriment

Youtube and Instructables have great tutorials on all things LED from far better people than I. If I can do it so can you

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