Introduction: JETCAR

What is?

This machine uses water and compressed air (with a pump) as power through a valve used to inflate the tires of the bike. Once reached a good pression, remove the pump, place the machine in a straight road and unscrew the cup (that is stored in the rear of the car) and enjoy the show! As well as being beautiful and fun to use it is also easy to recreate because it uses simple materials to find.

For who is made?

It's made for any person wants to have fun.if you want to have more fun you can make fantastic races with you friends

P.S. : The idea of this project was taken by this project trying to simplify it and make it better.

Step 1: Materials

-rollerblade wheels x3

-screws (recycled by the rollerblade)

-10mm and 6mm thick wooden pieces

-plastic bottle 1.75l

-glue for wood

-screw for wood 6mm long x2

-valve for an inner tube

-thick silicone tube 1m

-coupling for wood 12mm width and 6mm diameter x2

-washers (sizes that not exceed the wheel bearing)


Material that can be used:
-brush for glue

-hot glue

-flat screwdriver (for coupling)

-allen (for screw)

-drill/drill press

-clamp/something heavy (to facilitate bonding)




Step 2: Bottle Realization

1)Pierce the bottle at the end to allow the valve to pass through the bottle and seal it with hot glue.

2)Then pierce the cap (with the same diameter of the silicon tube) and seal the tube with hot glue (it will act as an "aspirator" to allow the passage of water and air).

3) Before realizing the structure we advise you to test the operation of the bottle.

Step 3: Structure Design

Create the parts that will be assembled on inkscape (software that read the lasercutter).

Step 4: Structure Realization

1)Pierce the support of the two rear wheels to allow the insertion of the sleeve that will act as a nut (for screw). Place a washer between the coupling and the wheels.

2)Glue supports on the back to raise the bottle to improve the "draft" of water and air.

3)Realize the second part of the structure (the front part), insert the wheel (with screw,coupling,washers, or use recycled by the roller),glue it to support the rear wheels with wood glue.

Step 5: Structure Assembly

Fix the bottle (with hot glue and insulating tape) to the structure taking into account that the bottle must be as inclined as possible and do not touch the front wheel.

Step 6: Final Test

1)Fill about half a bottle of water.

2)Close the tube with the air valve cap or with your finger to prevent the pressure from coming out.

3)Pump the air inside the bottle through the valve connection (about 15 pumps).

4)Remove the pump connection and remove the finger / cap.