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These personalized accessories contain a serving size dose of your favorite instant coffee or drink mix. They are perfect for a busy office setting, or after a workout in the gym. When you use your "joe on the go bracelet" having a hot cup of joe, or an ice cold flavored water, is just an arms length away!

NOTE: You may be thinking, "why not just use your pockets?" Well simply because in a lot of business attire and exercise wear there are NO pockets. :) Plus it's just fun!


You'll need very few things for this project:

~ Your favorite coffee/drink mix
~ 1 condiment bottle
~ 1 dowel rod 3/16"
~ Airline Tubing 

Optional: Decorations to disguise your tubing. (ribbon & embellishments)

hot glue for decorations
bolt cutters (to cut dowel)


1. Cut a length of tubing long enough to go around your wrist. (This will hold about 1 serving) If you want to really "load up" you can cut a length long enough to wrap around the wrist a few times, or make a necklace version. 
2. Cut about a 1 inch piece of the dowel rod to be the "cork" on the bracelet.
3. OPTIONAL: Decorate it by hot glue a strip of ribbon down the length of the tubing, rolling it up, and gluing it closed. Then you can add your embellishments as you wish. 
NOTE: The following steps are down without decorations so you can see things clearly.
4. Push your "cork" piece into one end of the tubing about half way. 
5. Fill your condiment bottle up with your mix. It should be fairly fine.(The coffee crystals may need to be ground a little more)
6. Holding your tube in one hand and the bottle in the other slowly fill your bracelet. Try to leave about 1/2" clearance from the top.
7. Once your bracelet is full, put it around your wrist and slide the open end of the tubing over the other half of the "cork"

Step 3: TO USE

~ To use your "joe on the go bracelet" simply pop one of the ends of the "cork" and dump your coffee into a mug of hot water, or your drink mix into an ice cold bottle of water. (which ever you've prepared for) When dumping the mix it is best to keep the tube straight & to pour at some distance above the cup to prevent any condensation at the end of the tube. You can roll the tube a little between your fingers if you feel it is sticking a bit. 

~ Snap your now empty bracelet back onto your wrist and drink up!

NOTE: To clean it at home just remove the plug and rinse water through it until the water runs clear. Set it out to dry before next use.

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