Introduction: JUMPING a CAR

These are the steps on how to properly jump start a car.

A dead battery is the most common car trouble. Hopefully this can help you when you run into this problem!


Jumper cables, A second car, and a friend.

Step 1: Find a Friend

Have a friend pull their car up next to yours

Step 2: Locate Battery

Batteries are most commonly located underneath the hood of the car, near the front.

Some cars have the battery under a seat or in the trunk. If you cant find the battery check the owners manual.

Step 3: Attach Cables (RED)

The order is important!

Make sure both cars are off

First attach the RED cables, attach one red end to the positive terminal on the dead battery. Then attach the other red end to the battery of the other car. ( positive terminals are labeled with a "+")

Step 4: Attach Cables (BLACK)

Attach one black end to the negative terminal on the good battery. (negative terminals are labeled with a "-")

Attach other black end to a unpainted metal surface under the hood of the car with the dead battery (for example the frame)

Step 5: Charge Battery

Start the car with the good battery. Let it run for 2-3 minutes to charge the dead battery.

Step 6: Start Your Car

Turn ignition on the car with the dead battery. The car should start.

If it does not allow the car to chare for 1-2 more minutes and try to start again. If car does not start after a few attempts, don't continue attempts to start it, it can damage the car.

Step 7: Remove Cables (Black)

Remove black cable from jumped car. Then the black cables from the other car.

Step 8: Remove Cables (RED)

Remove the red cable from the car with the good battery.

The remove red cable from jumped car.

Step 9: Clean Up

Thank your friend for the help!

Put away jumper cables.

Before shutting the hood check for anything placed under the hood during the prosses (phone, bag, ect.) Sounds silly but I know someone who left there phone under the hood.

Step 10: Allow Battery to Charge

After car is jumped it needs time to fully charge so do not turn off you car for at least 20-30 minutes. Go for a drive or go get some ice cream!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    5 days ago

    Thanks for sharing :)

    So do you turn both cars back off to remove the jumper cabels?