Introduction: JUNK Cabinet

The dimension: Width 68 x Length 90 x Height 145 centimeters.

Hello, In this project, I will make the cabinet with shelf that make from junks around the work place such as the metal cover box, stop sign, shelf panel, stool leg, head lamp, and woods. The dimension of all object are different sizes, all the measurement I need adjust the dimension as I work in order to put everything together. The cabinet with shelf looks like a robot holding the shelf. It works well and can be use in any rooms or it cans be a decoration piece as well. Let’s begin.

Supplies that you need to do JUNK Cabinet’s project.

1. Rust metal box (45 x 50 x 28 cm.), stool’s leg (H 70 cm.), old shelf (90 x 30 cm.), headlamp, stop sign, and glass (42 x 25 cm.).

2. Any type of woods, and type of metals, and nut and bolts. (Or what’s ever you can find).

Step 1: Cut, Drill, Bend

First clean the metal box, measure for the dimension and disassembly the stool’s leg, keep the top bracket that attach to the seat and check the measurement (To make sure that it tall enough for the functional use). So. I cut the square metal, to make the leg longer and spot welded. Now I twist the top bracket back to the leg. Then I drill the holes at the bottom of the metal box, ready for attach at the leg bracket. Now I cut the stop sign, to make it into cabinet door and bend the top right corner for use as the handle. Now I work on the metal box, to drill the holes for the arms and the shelf. Then cut the wood to make like the arm, so I connected both end of the piece of wood in 90 degree (to make a lap joint) and other end to hold the tray or the top shelf.

Step 2: Assembly Nut and Bolts All Pieces.

Now I assembly the nut and bolts start from the leg bracket to the bottom of the box and attach the wood piece on the left in order to attach the hinge to the cabinet door and make the lock from the L wrench. Now attach the cabinet door. Next the shoulder attach off center at the top and the elbow, need to be attach to the side of the box. Then attach the tray at the end by screw from under the tray. When you attach the tray need to be below the cabinet door opening. All the dimension need to measure as you work on the piece. Now screw nut and bolts on both sides for holding the glass shelf and cover the metal nut with the sponge. I make the bracket for the headlamp and drill the hole at the top of the box ready to attach the head lamp and tight the pieces. Last thing make sure that every nut and bolts are tight. Now place it in the room that you want. Enjoy.


Special Thanks to: Mr. O, Mr. Noom

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