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About: I am a physics/ Chem. E. major working to find a viable alternative petroleum.

My Name is Brad. I am a 21 year old (4/30/1991) student at Sinclair Community College studying Physics and Chemical Engineering. 

  I am trying to create a renewable petroleum source from biomass, specifically algae. Many scientists predict that oil will become so cost prohibitive in the next 50 years that we will be forced to find other means. The amount of CO2 and water vapor, the two largest greenhouse gases that we put into the atmosphere, is exponentially increasing. To be blunt, this is a very grim outlook for us as humans. We need a new source of oil.

  The reason I wish to use algae is because it is not a competitive food source, and that is what most of our oil is made from anyway. It can be farmed in arid, hostile environments using waste water and emissions from power-plants. This means it can grow almost anywhere in the world, and can be used to help clean the air by taking the CO2 away from the air.

  Algae also is quick to grow, has a high lipid content, and is easy to genetically modify, making it an ideal crop for oil. What that means is it makes a lot of oil quickly. It can be harvested from lakes that have algae blooms, such as Grand Lake St. Mary's in Ohio, or the red tidal blooms on the ocean, meaning that we help clean up the bodies of water around the world.

  If we can obtain another source of oil, then prices of transportation, production, and consumption of goods will decrease. manufacturers will be able to produce more for a less expensive price, and people will be able to buy more, which will help everyone. Families will not have to choose between gas and food, or heating a home and getting their children new school supplies. Please help me make my dream a reality.

  Thanks for your support and time!

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