Introduction: Jack Daniels Lamp

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I had this bottle laying around and I liked the shape of it. so, I thought maybe I can make a lamp out of it. on this picture you see the actual result. it was easy to made and I found a cheap way to make the lamp much better.

Step 1: First Design

first I took a part of scrap wood and stick a 12v led strip on it. over
the led's I put a sheet of toilet paper to diffuse the light and make it look like one lamp and not many little led chips. I glued it with hot glue under the bottle. and this is what it looks like.

Step 2: Make It Look Like a Bright Bottle and Not a Bottle With Leds Under It

the Jack Daniel’s honey is a little sticky, so I washed it. and while I had water in the bottle I connected the power and the result was way better than the first creation.

it’s amazing how water diffuses the light and make it so much better

Step 3: Other Bottles

I tried other
bottle shapes, but the jack Daniels with the corners has the best result. so with a bottle, a piece of wood, some glue and some led's and water, you can make an simple but great looking lamp.

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