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Introduction: Jack O'Lantern Face Mask

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Last year I designed a paper Jack O'Lantern face mask which I thought was super cute... but on one hot October day I realized that sweat will weaken card stock. I either needed to reinforce the mask with tape or copper... or I'd have to redesign it for another material, like craft foam.

Silly me!

I assumed there was no point in re-designing the Halloween-themed mask because surely by October 2021 no one would need face masks anymore... but it turns out the need for a comfortable, re-usable and effective face mask is just as important in 2021 as it was in 2020 -- so here is the "New & Improved" Halloween Jack O'Lantern face mask!


Craft foam


Elastic band

Glue gun

Disposable activated carbon filter insert, to be changed every few days (optional)

Eyelet hole punch and eyelets (optional)

Paper clip (optional, for a tight fit around the nose).

And of course you will need to download the pattern which you can download for FREE on my website.

(Please note: I am an Amazon Affiliate, so if you click on the above links above and make a purchase I may get a small commission -- however the price you pay will be the same)

Step 1: Make It!

Download and print the pattern (which includes instructions).

Cut out the paper template to use as a pattern to trace the forms on your craft foam and felt.

Use your glue gun to glue the craft foam tabs (one at a time) as indicated on the pattern. This creates a 3D shape.

Optional: sew the felt piece so that it forms a 3D cup. This will make a a bit easier to glue the felt to the foam.

Optional: add a paper clip to the nose rim to make it rigid, as shown in the photo above. Once you've placed it in the proper position cover generously with hot glue and then press down with your felt (so the paper clip is glued between the felt and the foam core. (to state the obvious: try not to burn your fingers....)

Make sure the felt covers the Jack O'Lantern's eyes, nose and mouth and glue in place.

Punch holes on both sides of the mask, as shown on the pattern, and (optional) reinforce with metal eyelets.

Thread your elastic through one hole and sew or glue in place. Put mask on your face and measure the right amount of elastic to fit around your head. You'll want it to be snug but not too tight. If you prefer to make two ear loops you can do so, however I find these excruciating after wearing them for a while... and you won't be able to hang the mask around your neck when not in use.

Optional: add a disposable carbon filter. You can staple it to match the interior curve -- no need to attach it to the mask itself, it will stay in place while in use (though it might fall out when the mask is hanging around your neck).

Note: this pattern is designed to fit an adult... for a child simply print the pattern at a smaller scale to get the right fit.

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