Introduction: Jack O Lantern Ghost!

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Hi! in this tutorial I show you awesome experiment with your halloween pumpkin,

It's easy, it's cool, it's fast

ChecK the video below, in only 2 minutes you can see the final result:

Step 1: What Do You Need?

For make this "ghost pumpkin" you need few things:

- zinc carbon battery

- string

- candle

- hydrogen peroxide 35%

- little jar

- nail

(Be careful with hydrogen peroxide on high % can burn your skin, use glove when you handle)

Step 2: Carving

Naturally you need empty pumpkin to introduce the element and the candle, grab a knife and create something awesome, the first time maybe is difficult, but if you draw your style on the pumpkin in 15 minute with little bit of patience you can make good Jack O Lantern..

Step 3: Prepare the Trick

For the trick you need the manganese dioxide, you can find this chemical inside the zinc-carbon battery, it's the to black powder.
Cut in half the battery and inside you can find 3 element

External cover it's zinc, the black powder is Manganese dioxide and the core is made of carbon rod

In other Instructables I will to show you the other application for zinc and carbon rod, but now separate the manganese and wash with hot water, after filter and dry

Your manganese is ready for react with your Hydrogen peroxide, fill the small jar with the liquid.

Use a little piece of toilet paper and make a small bag with inside the manganese dioxide. (Look the image)
Now with a string create a connect with the iron nail...

Place the jar with the manganese in the pumpkin, and use the iron nail to pin all together. If you look the image you can understand immediatly.

Step 4: Light Up!

Place the candle under the string and light up.

After 5 second the candle burn the string and the manganese drop into jar with hydrogen peroxide...

The reaction with hydrogen peroxide create a lot of smoke but don't worry is steam and oxygen.

Step 5: The Reaction

This reaction is really awesome, because when you light up the candle the reaction begin...

Whats happen inside?

The manganese dioxide is catalist and when mixed whit hydrogen peroxide create oxygen and steam:

H2O2 -> H2O+O2

The reaction is really exothermic, be careful

Step 6: Thank You!

Thank You very much for your attention!

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