Jack-O Lantern Made Out of Toilet Paper Rolls




Introduction: Jack-O Lantern Made Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

Recycled Toilet paper rolls, masking tape and recycled straw make a cute pumpkin for halloween decoration.

Step 1: Things We Need:

Toilet paper rolls - cut 1.5 cm wide
Orange masking tape
Green straw ( or pipe cleaners ) - for stems

Step 2: Wrapping

Wrap masking paper around after cutting your toilet paper links 1.5 cm wide.

Step 3: Punch Holes

Punch wholes both sides ( the upper side and bottom side of your Jack-o lantern.

Step 4: Adding Links

Add one link after another to resemble a Jack-O lantern.

Step 5: Form Your Jack-O Lantern and Fasten It.

Step 6: Add Green Straw for Stem.

Step 7: You Can Add String and Hang It

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    6 years ago

    That is so cute! It made me laugh : )