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Introduction: Jack- O- Lantern Nail Art

Hi guys
This is my first instructable so its very likelly that i will leave something out. Also my grammar is terrible so im sorry.
In this Instructable i will be teaching you to do halloween jack-o-lantern nail art

Step 1: You Will Need

You will need

clear nail polish
orange nail polish
black nail polish
toothpick or skewer

Step 2: Clear Coat

Start off with applying a clear coat. Make sure the coat is thick, if not wait until dry and apply another coat.

Step 3: Dry

Now wait until it is dry or you can speed it up by blow drying it or if you have a nail dryer you can use that.
TIP: To see if it is dry take a toothpick and poke it gently on your finger nail near the cutical, as it will be covered up later.

Step 4: Base

To start the base of your pumpikin, get you orange nail polish and make a circle either right next to the cutical or down by the end of you nail.

Step 5: Go Crazy!

Now you can let your imagination run wild. Whatever you want the face of your jack-o-lantern to look like add it on with the black nail polish and the toothpick.

Add a little rounded line at the top of your pumpkin, for the stalk or a hat. BE CREATIVE!

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