Introduction: Jack Skelleton Halloween Pancakes

Ready to make your Halloween Breakfast even more terrifying? Here you have a very easy and quick recipe to enjoy your meal with the shape of one of the best halloween icons. Let´s do them!!!

Step 1: Ingredients:


Here they are the ingredients I used for my pancake´s recipe. You can use your favourite recipe if you already have one, but make sure its smooth enought. We will need smothness to make the shapes later. I don´t recomend to use comercial mixtures because they use to be very thick.

These are the proportions to make 250ml of mixture. (Around 7-8 pancakes) if you want to make more just increase the amount of ingredients x2, x3....

-A glass of milk.

-A glass of flour.

-A teaspoon of baking powder.

-2 tablespoons of sugar.

-An egg.

-A pinch of salt.

-A tablespoon of oil.

You will also need:

-2 Bowls.

-A bottle with a dispenser. (You can use a clean ketchup bottle.)

-A pan.

-A sifter.

-A slotted spoon.

- And a funnel.

Step 2: Mix the Dry Ingredients!

We will put the dry ingredients toguether firts, witch are; the flour, the baking flour and the salt.

Grab one of the bowls and the sifter and one by one, add those ingredients. The sifter will make the mixture smoother.

Then, just mix them with a fork.

Step 3: Time to Mix the Wet Ingredients!

In the other bowl we will put the egg, and we will beat it.

Then, we will add the milk, the oil and the sugar. (Sugar its not a wet ingredient but it will make the mixing process easier.

Beat the mixture until the sugar its fully dissolved.

Step 4: Lets Put It All Toguether!!

Take your sifter again to have an extra smothiness and put the dry mixture into the wet mixture, then wit a fork beat again until the mixture its homogeneous and without lumps.

(You can use a beater if you want, but its not really necesary.)

Then, with the funnel, add the mixture in the bottle.

Step 5: The Fun Part! Make the Jack Skelleton Little Faces!

Video here:

Put a little bit of oil on the pan and wait until its hot. Make sure its hot enought!

As you can see on the video, to "drawn" on the pancakes we will add first the darkest part of our drawing first, in our case, the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the circle of the face. When its done, we will wait until its cooked.

Then, fill the rest of the pan with the mixture and let then just be there for a minute.

With the slotter spoon flip it over and let the other part to cock for another minute.

And...thats it!

Happy Halloween! I hope you enjoy this recipe!

The music I use for the video its "Halloween" of Marco Buono. I dowloaded it from

Step 6:

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