Introduction: 3D Print Jack-o-Lantern Face Pieces - Mr. Pumpkin Head

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Every year, I like to get those little mini pumpkins because they are so cute. I'm never quite sure what to do with them (one year I stuck sequins in them) and as I was looking at them this year, I thought it would be fun to play with them like a Mr. Potato Head. So was born the Mr. Pumpkin Head!

I created a variety of eyes, noses, and mouths using Tinkercad to create 3D print interchangeable Jack-o-lantern face pieces. Though I did mostly traditional faces, I also threw in a couple of fun ones including a cat, an Instructables robot, and Minecraft Jack-o-Lantern face.


You can get these Jack-o-lantern pieces (including the robot design) in my Etsy Store.

Step 1: Supplies


  • 3D Printer - I'm using a Prusa MK3
  • Filament
  • I'm using Glow in The Dark Blue (though it does glow in the dark, it isn't super bright and doesn't last long, just a warning if you are thinking of buying. I think green might work better than the blue but I don't know from experience), other colors could work well, but I recommend something that will contrast and stand out well from the pumpkin such as White or Black
  • I tried Gold but it blended in too well with the pumpkin, so I wouldn't recommend colors like gold, bronze, or copper
  • Mini Pumpkins
  • Measuring Cup, Hot water, glove/mitten and needle-nose pliers (optional) to bend pieces


Don't have or want to invest in glow in the dark filament but still want it to glow in the dark? You could try to paint or spray paint. I got some paint but it was cheap and gloppy and did not work at all. I looked up spray paints but they all had pretty bad reviews. So, painting white pieces is an option but you may or may not have luck.

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Step 2: Designs

These pieces were designed using Tinkercad and you can find the files on Tinkercad or you can download the whole bunch in this Instructable.

For the pieces I decided to make them 1.2mm thick, which is about 6 layers depending on your slicer.

I designed spikes to go on each piece and they are about 3.52mm by 3.52mm and 12.7mm tall. Whatever you do, the goal should be for them to be the same size as you'll be sticking them into the same hole on the pumpkin. I do have a couple with smaller spikes because of the design, but I didn't feel it could be helped (like for the X-X-X mouth).

Step 3: Unique Designs

I figured, while I was at it, I would try to create some fun non-traditional jack-o-lantern designs. These include Cat, Instructables Robot, and Minecraft Jack-o-Lantern.

Those were created mostly the same way as the previous except I tried to be more precise with the sizing on the Minecraft ones by using precise sized shapes and arranging them precisely.

For pieces that were meant to stick out the top or sides of the pumpkin, instead of doing the pyramid spike I did a triangular piece (as seen with robot antenna and cat ears).

Step 4: Print

Time to print!

I sliced and printed as normal, though I do slow my pieces down a bit. This is especially good for when you get to the tips of the spikes.

Step 5: Optional Bending

To help the pieces form a bit better to the pumpkins, you can curve the mouths.

To do this, heat up some water in the microwave until boiling. Take it out and let it cool a smidge so you don't burn yourself. (I used a measuring cup that I have specifically bought for non food items. PLA is food safe, but use your own judgement here.)

Carefully hold the mouth by the spike and lower just the mouth part in the water for a few seconds.

Pull it out and let the water drip off. Carefully push it into the palm of your hand wearing a glove or oven mitt. Remember to be careful. If thew water is still too hot you could burn yourself through the glove (I did once).

Give the mouth a slight bend. Don't go overboard as I did on some. You just want to help it along so it doesn't stick straight off the pumpkin like a mustache.

Do this for all the mouths only (and cat mouth and Instructable eye/eyebrow). I did do this for the Minecraft eyes but it was unnecessary and will undo it when I get a chance.

Step 6: Play!

Play around with your pumpkin pieces! Mix and match eyes and noses and even colors.

Step 7: Glow in the Dark

If you are using glow in the dark filament, put the pieces in sunlight or under a lamp (but apparently not LED, LEDs won't work). Let it sit for like 20 minutes and then if you take them to a dark room, watch them glow!

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