Dremel Carved Jack-o-Lantern Tips and Tricks, Featuring Teemo, the Swift Scout.

Introduction: Dremel Carved Jack-o-Lantern Tips and Tricks, Featuring Teemo, the Swift Scout.

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Hello there everyone. CryoFire here wishing you all a Happy Halloween. For me, this year seemed like it was going to be rather depressing, mostly due to my lack of a costume. However, just because I have no costume, doesn't mean I can't use my creativity elsewhere now does it? As such, I decided to design a new skin for everyone's favorite Yordle, Teemo.

For those of you who don't know this little fuzzball, Teemo, He is The swift Scout. Teemo is a character from League of Legends by Riot games (Who I am in no way affiliated with other than being a loyal fan. as such this is purely a fan creation and I take absolutely no ownership of the names and trademarks of Riot Games or any of their subsidies)

Teemo is one of my Favorite characters in the game. He's fun to play, fun to watch, and lots of fun to piss off other players with his annoying poison, blinds, and slows. all around he's FUN. Also his head is coincidentally the perfect shape for a Jack-o-Lantern, or in this case, a Jack-o-Teemo.

Step 1: Carving Your Lantern, Bandle City Style.

Teemo has a rather simple design, so the process of designing the lantern was rather simple. First I took a dry erase marker and drew out marking dots to indicate where his nose, eyes, and hat would be, as well as drawing his goggles and the outline of the darker fur around his eyes.

Once I had that done I drew the outline of the sides of his face as well as his ears on top of his hat.

Now I had the design done, but It seemed like It would take way too long to carve this out with a knife, so I turned to my trusty Dremel. I used Teemo as my design, but really these tips will work for anything and everything.

Tips for trying this with almost any design:

1: Workspace: Do this OUTSIDE in an area that is easily cleaned. Wear safety goggles and work clothes because when you start cutting with a dremel, pumpkin shavings are going to fly EVERYWHERE. (The shavings are sticky, so be prepared for a cleanup)

2: Use a drilling bit. as odd as that sounds, i found that cutting the surface with the side of the bit was much more efficient and controllable than any other bit I had used.

3: Pay attention to depth. The deeper you cut, the brighter that area will be when you light it up. as such, only carve a little in areas you want to keep darker, while carve more in areas that you want to be brighter. Just be Careful not to cut through all the way.

4: Keep your RPM at around a middle level (roughly 1500 rpm) having your speed too high makes the dremel harder to keep steady, so dont turn it up too high, and keep the rpm as low as possible when working on important details.

5: Wipe off your Pumpkin from time to time. The shavings will often stick to the pumpkin, almost appearing like you never even cut as deep as you did. as such, wipe away shavings from time to time to keep track of your progress more clearly.

6: Safety: Although I mentioned goggles already, always be careful when operating a power tool. Always wear eye protection. Its a relatively safe tool but nonetheless be safe. Injuries can very well occur with any rotary and cutting tool.

7: Have fun: Halloween is arguably the most fun Holiday of the year, so while being safe, be creative. be inspired. Be amazing, and have a blast doing it all too.

Step 2: Happy Harrowing/Halloween

Hope this helps If you ever want to Carve a pumpkin with a dremel. It opens up a lot more potential for designs for both pros and novices alike. These tips can be used for any design, which is why I focused more about the tips than the Teemo design, which was mainly an example to show how I put the Dremel to use on my pumpkin this year. Hope this helps, and hope you enjoyed \{^_^}/

If you have any Questions ask them in the comments. Happy carving. :)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great pumpkin carving tips. Your finished pumpkin looks great!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. entered it in the halloween decor and pumpkin contests. hopefully the judges think so too :)