Introduction: Jack-o-lantern Beholder Style

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I decided to start a tradition of making a jack o lantern I could keep each year using an artificial pumpkin, this is the one for this year.


1. foam pumpkin

2. BBTO 16 Pieces Eyeballs Plastic Halloween Eyes Scary Eyes Hollow Plastic Eyeball Halloween Horror Props for Halloween Party Decorations, on amazon

3. OVI Colorful Modeling Clay & Dough Clay Air Dry Ultra Light Molding Magic Clay Emerald, on amazon

4. white foam clay, bought at michaels

5. drill and bits

6. glue gun

7. lights

8. carving tool or hot knife

Step 1: Initial Cuts

Use your hot knife to cut a large hole for the big eye. Then a mouth hole. Lastly cut open the top for access like a real pumpkin.

Step 2: Eyes

Use your drill to cut holes slightly smaller than the diameter of the plastic eyes. Use the glue gun to stick the eyes over the holes

Step 3: Clay Time

Use the foam clay to wrap around the eyes. Add a piece on the top for an eyelid. Find a large ball for the big eye. I used a madball already shaped like an eye. You can use plastic balls, styrofoam etc. Plastic with light up, I may change mine in the future.Use white foam clay to shape teeth. Let them dry, then hot glue them into place.

Step 4: Light It Up

I got some battery powered LED lights. I hot glues one light in behind each eye to light it up. The let the rest fall down to light up the mouth. Now you have a pumpkin that looks as good in the day as at night. Have a happy halloween.

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