Introduction: Jackie Chan Adventures Talismans

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For several years I was looking to buy talismans from the 2000s tv show : Jackie Chan Adventures. However, once I found something, it was either too expensive or not really look a like ... So, I decided to make my own for cheap with recycle materials!

Materials :

  • Cardboard ($ 0)
  • Hot glue ($ 0)
  • White glue ($ 0)
  • Plain paper ($ 0)
  • Brushes (various formats) ($ 0)
  • Paint (colors of your choice) ($ 10)
  • Exacto ($ 0)
  • Scissors ($ 0)
  • Sponge ($ 0)

Step 1: Model and Cutting

You must be patient here...

The first step was to find the exact image of each talismans and print each with a good dimension (3,5 inches diameter). For each talismans you need about 5 layers of thin cardboard. (So 12 talismans x 5 = 60 layers!) To add a 3D effect to the above we also cut a top layer, in the same proportions of the printed picture.

Step 2: Details and Effects

Now ... the part that requires precision. We take each picture printed and cut the inside part (the animal). Then, with the "empty hole", we draw on the top layer cardboard the animal. Afterwards we just cut the first layer with an exacto. (This is optional, as very long and difficult, but the result is much nicer) (you can see at the end, I skeep this part for the dragon)

After that, you can hot glue everything.

Step 3: Paper Mache

After, apply a paper mache. According to the form and the shape of the talismans I made a model with plain paper to cover the talismans.With a long rectangle for the borders.

The first step is to cover the "star" of white glue and apply it on the talisman. Immediately after, apply the long rectangle paper (with white glue on it) on the side to hide and smooth the edges of the octagon.

While the glue is not dry, we must make the 3D effect. I took a ballpoint pen to do the outlines (nothing too sharp and not too strong, we must not break the paper).

Wait for about 2 hours to dry

Step 4: Paint and Details

The next step is painting. At first I applied a layer of gray.Using a sponge and a dark color, I give an effect of old rock by "tapping" the talisman.

Step 5: Animal Painting

Final step is to paint the animal, according to the color. Pretty simple, to help you, you can take the paper you previously cut for the cardboard 3D effect.

Step 6: Finish Result

An easy DIY project for everyone for cheap. It cost me 10$ and this is just for the paint. Hope you enjoyed it, any comment is welcome.

- John, from Canada

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