Introduction: Jackpot! a Football Game.

This game is played with a football, some friends, and a wide open place.

Step 1: Materials

Some Friends
Here are some things to say:

Step 2: Rules

Now, assign one person as the quarterback. Everyone else will be a receiver. The quartetback will throw the ball a t the receivers and they attempt to catch it. The QB just shouts one of the things below when he/she throws the ball. The point of this game is to be the first one to get 5,000 points.

Any random point value

Jackpot (Automatic Win)

Bomb (Makes receiver who touches ball lose 1 of 3 lives)

Bankrupt (Lose all points)

IceBall (Stay frozen for 1 throw)

FireBall (Lose 1 of 3 Lives)

Mystery Box (right when receiver is about to catch the ball, say anything above)