Introduction: Jackson Skateboard

The design inspiration of my skateboard comes from my idol. Red is his color and is considered my gift to him. He was like a ray of sunshine in my life.

Step 1: First Build a Board on Top of a Skateboard

Drag a cuboid from the base shape, 80mm long, 18mm wide and 1mm high.

Step 2: Circular Arc on Both Sides of Skateboard

Drag out a cylinder 18 in diameter and 1 in height.Drag out another cuboid 18 by 9 by 1.Align the two centers and group them into one.

Step 3: Raise the Arc Part by a Certain Angle

Align the semicircle with the plate, rotate it vertically by 25° to the left, shift it up by 3.8mm, and then shift it 1.1mm to the left.

Step 4: One Arc Symmetrical Into Two Sides

Copy and paste the semicircle and rotate it 180° horizontally and shift it 96mm to the left.Select all and group them into one.

Step 5: Make the Part Part of the Bearing Part Under the Plate

Drag out a cuboid 7mm long, 5mm wide, 1mm high.Drag out a wedge 6mm long, 2.5mm wide, 2mm high and rotate it vertically to the right parallel to the working plane.Drag out a roof 2.5mm long, 2.5mm wide, 2mm high and rotate 90° horizontally.

Step 6: Assemble the Parts Together

Select the above three shapes and align them. Select the wedge and roof to lift them 1mm away from the working plane and align them with both sides of the cuboid.

Step 7: Make a Screw

Drag out a polygon with a width of 1.5mm and a height of 0.5mm, then drag out a cylinder with a diameter of 1mm and a height of 0.75mm, align the two centers and divide them as a screw.

Step 8: Call the Screw Pair Four

Lift the screw up 1mm from the working plane and move it to the position 0.5mm away from the edge of the cuboid. Copy and paste three of them and move them to the other three corners of the cuboid.

Step 9: Make the Upper Part of the Bearing


Step 10: Combine the Upper and Lower Parts of the Bearing


Step 11: Reinforced Bearing


Step 12: Make the Bar of Skateboard Wheel and Link the Bearing With the Bar of Skateboard Wheel


Step 13: Make Two Pulley Wheels and Combine Them With Bearings and Bars

Drag out a wheel 5.5mm in diameter and 3mm in height, copy and paste, align with both sides of the column, select all parts to form a pulley and select color.

Step 14: Combine the Upper and Lower Parts of the Skateboard

Duplicate one pulley so that the two pulleys are aligned with the plate and 2.5mm from the center of the plate.

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