Introduction: Jag's RCT3 Roller Coasters

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I decided to film some of my favorite roller coasters from my various theme parks. The reason for this is because I have gotten lots of requests to post videos of the coasters in my theme parks. As most of you know, the in game recorder is unbearable, since it films the ride frame by frame. Some of the coasters aren't here, and none are from X-flight Studios or Birchmond. All of these coasters are mine, and no one else's. I hope you will notice how the coasters progress in more realistic features as the video goes on, just as I did. I also realized that the practicing and the more I did the game I got a lot better at it. The list of parks at the bottom also takes you to the pictures of all of them. Thanks, and enjoy! 
 All of my parks: XFlight Studios
Zion Falls- JungleBeast
Elmer River- Creature of the Hills
Birchmond Park
Hillford Park- Tree-vine, Forgotten Mine, Blacksmith
Lanburgh- The Giant, Surge, Woodchuck