Jailbreaking for Dummies




Introduction: Jailbreaking for Dummies

Jailbreaking is taking the os of your device and modifying it to get third-party apps like emulators or tweaks. Once you try to jailbreak your idevice there will be many choices and types so stick around ill tell you!

Step 1: Untethered VS Tethered

When you search up your device along with the ios version you will see two types of jailbreak Untethered and tethered. The only main thing different is that tethered allows you to reboot freely tethered on the other hand you must use a computer to reboot. Untethered jailbreaks usally take more time to develop but they are worth every wait!

Step 2: Evasi0n or P0sixspwn or Redsn0w?

All of these (and more) are different groups that make jailbreaks they don't have any thing different just the procedure to do it. Once you got the software you need for your ios version you simply connect idevice to computer EXIT ITUNES this step is very important. After you closed iTunes go to the software you got and follow the instructions. P0sixspwn seems to be the best because it makes you press 1 button.

Step 3: DFU Mode

Some software will make you put your device in DFU mode aka recovery mode. This allows the ios to be vulnerable to other modifications. To do this you have to turn off your device completely. Then you go to the software and when it tell you to do this do it hold power and home for 10 sec then let go of power and wait till the software does its magic!

Step 4: What's Cydia?

After you got your jail break (untethered hopefully) then you will have one app extra called Cydia. Cydia is basically an alternate App Store that allows you to get apps that apple won't allow like emulators. Be warned jail breaking has a slim chance of ruining your device but the package you install from cydia can.

Step 5: Conclusion

Jailbreaking will bring your devices potential to the limit allowing for customization ( winter board) and emulators (gpsphone). Stay tuned for a cydia instructable and comment and like!

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    7 years ago

    It's more of a informative instructable for people who don't know what it is and can research more also Evasi0n has untethered ios 7 jailbreak


    7 years ago

    "dummy" readers need to understand this isn't a how-to at all. It is more like an overview to what a jailbreak kind of is on a very basic level and introduces the names of a few of the better tools used to achieve jailbreak. There is a lot more a person needs to learn (research) before attempting or hoping to achieve a possible jailbreak. The first of which is that none of these tools offer an untethered jailbreak for any iOS newer than 6.x meaning jailbreaking is practically useless right now on your iOS 7 device. Also there are certain risks or warnings that should be noted for the readers consideration.. If a jailbreak is not properly performed you run the risk of bricking your phone (sometimes permanently). Once you jailbreak you cannot update your phone without losing the jailbreak and also if you want to update there is a special procedure to follow or you could brick your phone. Untethered jailbreaks suck and are not worth the trouble, tethered breaks are cool and open up a world of potential in your iDevice but dont think this ible alone will enable you to perform a break.