Introduction: Jailbreaking IOS Device

What is Jailbreaking?
Jailbreaking is the one of the programs that allows you downlowad anything you want, from apple store by using Jailbreaking program and its easy and simple to use and so easy to download, many people thinks its hard to use it or download it, will that is wrong follow my steps and you see how much its easy to download and to use .

What are the Benefits of Jailbreaking?
it allows you to install third party applications,tweaks, mods, and extensions.

Is Jailbreaking Legal?
Jailbreaking is leagl in KSA and other countries.

Is Jailbreaking Easy?
nowadays the Proces of Jailbreaking is easy.

Step 1:

Step 2: Step 1:what You Need

you will need  the following:
-a Jailbreaking program.
-the iOS software.(iOS 7).
-The program:
there are many programs that allows you to Jailbreak an iOS device, some are:
- evasi0n.(what i will use).

Step 3: Step 2: Download the Software

go to the website, download the software and install it.

Step 4: Step 3: Connect the IPhone to the Computer.

Step 5: Step 4:run the Evasi0n Program

click the Jailbreak button and the  Proces will begin and you have to follow the instruction it gives you and nothing else. 
now your device is jailbroken. and Enjoy the Jailbreak . 
*note: support the developers by not getting the Pirated apps.