Jake the Scarf (also, the Dog)




Introduction: Jake the Scarf (also, the Dog)

My oldest son was telling me how the other kids were saying "scarves are only for girls".  Well, seeing as my boy tends to get sick at the drop of a hat, i set out to find a less "girlie" scarf.  finding no scarves that didn't have fringe, or tassles, or other frilly embellishments, I decided to make him one.  I then decided, that since he is still my baby, even if he is 10 years old, that i would still embellish the scarf i made him. I used some fleece i had left over from making a Jake the Dog costume for my youngest son.  Two layers for extra warmth.  When i gave it to him, he just got a big smile and hugged me, then he wrapped it around his neck and headed out side to play with his friends.  He wear this proudly on cold days, and i have actually heard him tell his friends "my mom MADE this for me!  it's the best scarf ever."  Now, if you will excuse me, i have to get back to the sewing machine, for i have two other sons who expect their Jake scarves to be finished already...

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    7 years ago

    Haha Jake the scarf