Introduction: James Develin Rehabilitation Gym Design

This is my creation in the James Develin Gym Challenge which, I made my gym what I thought James would like his gym to be like for rehabilitation. Although my gym doesn't have many choices it has the main equipment many people use.

Step 1: Outline of the Gym

I started with the outline of my gym. I used a block and made it 140 by 100, which I also added holes to make space for the rooms, then grouped it all together. The main open room in the middle of the picture is the fitness/exercise area. Then, the 2 rooms in the left corner is the bathroom and the storage room. Lastly, the room in the right corner is the check in/sign in room.

Step 2: Adding Interior- Windows,Bench, Floor/Carpet, Door, Leg Press, Battle Rope, & Dumbbells

When I added the interior I started with the Carpet of the gym. I chose to color it a dark grey color that matched with the color of the gym. After I made the floor I added Benches so, they could lift weights on it. Then, I made the door, which the door were 2 doors that had glass windows in them. I also made windows I added 2 to the front and 2 to the back using the hole blocks. For more interior I added the leg press in which I made a seat then added some structure.I also added a cylinder to keep that all together and after I grouped it all together. I made a battle rope using the round roof and the SVG Helix. I made the Helix thinner and then added to the roof then, grouped it. Which afterward I made the dumbbells with a cylinder and a polygon that I grouped together then sized it smalller.

Step 3: Sign Up Desk/Log in

All you need for the Desk is the block shape to make it. You can just make it like the bench but make the legs taller. Also for the front part you just make a flat block that you raise to put on top of the wall. There are also computers on the desk, which I just added a square block and added another block to the front to show the screen. I also added chairs that I made a seat and the legs so the chair can roll around.

Step 4: Bathroom

The bathroom is very simple all I added was a toilet and a sink. I used blocks to make the toilet and sink, but for the sink faucet I used a connector that looked like a faucet. Another thing I used was the hole block to make a hole in the toilet.

Step 5: Storage

The storage also doesn't have many things in it. There are only shelves and extra dumbbells. Which the dumbbells are on a rack made by blocks that were shaped thinly into lines of the block. I just duplicated them and aligned them. After I aligned them, I grouped them together and duplicated again to add more rows to create the the rack. Finally, to make the shelves just lower the height of the shelf then, duplicate them and raise them up more for each shelf.

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