Introduction: James Develin's Gym

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Hello, this is my James Develin's Gym. I am 13 years old and I am part of Edward Harris Jr. Middle School student. It took me about one or two days to finish because I made this in extreme details. Hope you like it. Sorry if there are a lot of notes. The hard part of to make it perfect because a lot can happen. In every floor, there are vending machines. About 1 or 2 each floor.

Click here to link at my Gym

James Develin's Gym

You can't see anything in the inside if you look at it here. You just click the link that shows in the blue. Sorry about that. *If new to Tinkercad, you either click and hold in either button on the mouse. If want to move around, must hold shift and click the second button of you mouse. To zoom in or out, scroll up and down of your mouse.*



Good WiFi/Internet

Computer/Pc/ Laptop

Step 1: First Floor

The first step was to make the first floor. I add 4 vending machines, 4 treadmills, 1 elevator, 1 office, 3 weight lifts and dumbells. All made by myself. I later found a spiral staircase that lead to floor 1 to 3. The first floor was about the training like in the regular gym.

Step 2: Floor 2

The second step was to make second floor. The second floor is about yoga and karate. You will find the top right area is where the yoga ball room is kept. If you see the top left, that is where that karate mat is at. The room in the bottom left is where yoga is going to be held.

Step 3: Floor 3

Step 3 was to make floor 3. This floor is about fun. If you see in top right, that is the boy's locker room with showers, locker room and a toilet. At the bottom right, that is the girl's locker room with showers, locker room and a toilet. If you see the top middle of the floor, that is the janitor's room. If you see the top left, that is Pac-Man Arcade. I placed 5 arcade machines.

Step 4: Outside

My fourth step was to make outside. I made a basketball hoop, 6 weight lifts, 4 pull up bars. If you can see middle left, you can see 2 vending machines. I tried to make the basketball a lot of details but I didn't do so much.

Step 5: Last Step

The last step was to make the sign front and back.I made the sign so everyone can see and want to go to the gym. I don't know about the hours so I just put 24/7.

Hope you enjoy these steps. Took me a while to set all this up.

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