Introduction: James Develin's Gym

This my design I come out with for the James Develin's Gym Challenge. I added features, I believe, makes the gym easy to move around and accessible. This design includes separate rooms so some classes can be held and a changing room that can directly go to the pool area.



Step 1: Format

Before starting, I planned everything by setting down the basic flooring. I plan to have three separate rooms for each equipment with a hallway going down. The bathroom/changing room will be placed next to the pool area for easy access.

Step 2: Walls/Rooms

After decided where everything would go, I start to create the rooms. I made sure to leave some space in front of the bathroom because I plan to have multiple doors leading outside.

Step 3: Windows and Doors

I then add the doors and windows. In the bathroom, I put a front and a back door so people can change and go to the pool directly. I also included another way in front of the restrooms.

Step 4: Equipments

I go ahead and add some simple equipment. I formatted the yoga mates to give the idea that some rooms can be able to hold classes while the other two can be used for people exercising alone. Also, I made sure to add plenty of trash cans inside and outside the gym.

Step 5: Final Details

To finish the design, I add some windows using white transparent blocks. For the roof, I shaped it to be a square and used the extra bit to become a shade area.

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