James Develin's Gym Challenge

Introduction: James Develin's Gym Challenge

Hello, I am a 13 year old student attending Edward Harris Jr. Middle School, I designed this model to be apart of the James Develin's Gym Challenge. Created for athletes of all levels whether it is your their first time working out or not. This 3D model represents a top experience workout station along with other areas and features such as the weight training areas, weight scale, hot tub, basketball area, the rock climb area etc.


Tinkercad's 3D Editor

Devices compatible with Tinkercad (iOS Devices, Pc's, Chromebook's, etc.)

Reliable connection to Wi-Fi

Step 1: Formatting the Gym

Brainstorm ideas of what and where will equipment/ areas be located, minor creations are very important for an exceptional model. My model is designed for spacing out during this current pandemic (COVID-19), the picture above provides many examples regarding the format. This is always significant and should be taken into consideration.

Step 2: Areas and Equipment

It is important customers feel welcome, protected, adding on to the favorable experience, many learning opportunities are provided in this gym. The main room includes running machines, heavy weight dumbbells, bouncy exercise balls, bench press stations, floor mats, towels, etc. These are significant features to fulfill the needs of an athlete for exercise. The basketball area includes one basketball hoop, a basketball rack (8 balls included), benches, and a hot tub allowing athletes to cool down after a long workout session.

Step 3: Small Adjustments

Small features such as windows, branding, trees, advertisement and much more lets customers see a preview of the experience in this Fitness Gym. This sort of nature will allow more customers to receive the feeling of being welcome. Customers will feel confident hopefully driving them into signing up for a registration, more additions can be made in the future to keep the customers enjoyment of the gym.

Step 4: Advertisement

Advertisement with any messages introducing or benefiting soon to be customers can be an advantage to grow as a community, especially when the building is soon to be opened to the public. This is significant due to the fact of completing my most recent step (Small Adjustments) will catch the eye of people around.It could be anything, such as social media, television, in person, grand opening, mailing gift cards/ coupons! The effort is what takes place in advertisement.

Step 5: Wrapping Up

Thank you all tremendously for viewing my submission of my James Delvin Gym Challenge fulfilled with effort and creativity, I wish everyone Good Luck!

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