Introduction: Japanese Bed Style

About: I am a interaction design student based in Berlin. I like to share my ideas and work on projects with other people.

I just finished my first furniture and I really like to share it here in my first instructables. Hope you enjoy and don't hesitate to ask if there are some difficulties. This instruction is more a inspiration than a tutorial. I won't explane every step.

This bed is made without screws in the construction (there are some for the 2 sockets which are - of course - optional). I don't want to describe how the socket is integrated because I'd like to concentrate on the main structure of the bed.

The building time was approximately 16h and the costs around 70€.


!! Caution !!

I'd really recommend some craftsman skills. You will need some professional tools or else this bed is really annoying to build because you have to cut a lot of wood!

This bed is made for a cold foam mattress with 140cm x 200cm.



  • 20x spruce wood ( 2cm x 12cm x 200cm )
  • 2x spruce beam ( 8cm x 20cm x 200cm )
  • 2x spruce beam ( 3cm x 30cm x 200cm )

Costs around 70€ and I absolutely recommend to buy this wood pre-cut.

Step 1: Plan Your Cuts

Remember that the bed is plugable. So we have to cut 20x 2cm wide holes in the beam.You could either do this with a milling cutter or with a buzz saw. I did it with the buzz saw and a chisel. The 2cm wide holes have a distance of 8cm to another.

I let the thin wood overlap by 30cm because I'd like to have a litte deposition for some books, glasses, lamps or whatever I dont want to put on the floor. I cut the holes also with the buzz saw. For that I made 7 cuts per hole, thats enough that you are able to fracture the small parts to one 8cm hole. You don't have to be too precise +1cm is absolutely fine!

Step 2: Finishing Up

Stick it together and you are finished!

I made 2 sockets inside my bed because i don't like to have many cables at my bed. So I connected the to sockets (one for each side) and now only only cable leads to my bed.

hope you enjoyed it and again:

Don't hesitate to write me any messages.