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By this project you can practice Japanese joinery techniques. No glue or screws are used by woodworking. This will make this woodworking project rather challenging even for experienced carpenter.
We use a milling router for all the joiners but it is possible to master these with hand tools only if you have no access to the power tools.

Step 1: Cutting the Wood

Cut all the parts of the mirror as shown on the drawings.

Step 2: Milling the Joiners of the Mirror Legs

First mark the joiners and then cut the joiners with the miller. Use the chisel to get it perfectly done. The right leg is mirroring the left. See the exact sizes on the drawing.

Step 3: Cutting and Milling the Upper Frame

First make the upper frame thinner at the both ends, then mark the joiners and mill. Use chisel to get it perfectly clean.
You can see it on the 23th second of the video above (click on play to watch).
Try the frames together if they fit. Make corrections if necessary.

Step 4: Mill the Grooves

Make the grooves to all the inner sides of the mirror frame using milling machine.

Step 5: Joiners for the Keels

Make the joiners for the keels. These are rather small details so you can use a little help of a hand drill.
You can watch this on 2:47.

Step 6: Making the Joiner for the Support Leg

Use the drill no 19.

Step 7: Milling the Torii

Milling with the milling machine. Watch the video on 3:02 for tips.

Step 8: Assemble the Frame

Assemble the frame to see if everything fits as it is supposed to fit. Now is the time to make the corrections if necessary.

Step 9: Making the Support Leg for the Mirror

Use the milling machine to cut the corners of the stick seen on the drawing j.
Cut all the joiners shown on the drawing b, g and j.

Step 10: Making the Joiners With the Keel

For adding the keel to the joiner you need to cut the keel and stick it in between the joiner.
Now cut using the Japanese saw the "leftovers" and sand the surface.

Step 11: Sanding Everything

Now sand all the surfaces and make the corners also smoother using a mini planer.

Step 12: Adding the Keels

Don`t forget to add the smallest details - the Keels.

Step 13:

Remove all the dust and start finishing. We use the colorless oil but you can also consider a polisher.

Step 14: Assemble the Mirror Frame

After letting the oil dry you can assemble the mirror frame.

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