Introduction: Japanese Clothes; KIMONO

I make the miniature of the kimono which a friend wears at a wedding ceremony.
A teddy bear is displayed at the entrance of the wedding ceremony in this small kimono.

In fact, I am still on the way...

Step 1: I Received a Request.

I got the photograph of the kimono to wear from a friend on that day.

Step 2: I Made Data.

I did my best.

Step 3: Processing of the Felt

With a laser cutting machine, I engraved the line of the pattern thinly.

Step 4: Embroidery

With an engraved line as a guide, I embroider it.

The wedding ceremony is October of this year.
When I have time, I embroider even some every day and want to certainly complete it!
I want you to say, "you do your best"!

Step 5: 20130601

Step 6: Am I in Time? I Will Work Hard. 20130704

Step 7: 20130808. Remainder Two Months.

Step 8: September 15,Last Spurt Now.

Step 9: I Can Do It Soon(^^)

Step 10: I Pray for It Becoming a Wonderful Wedding Ceremony!

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