Jarred Salsa Rehab

Introduction: Jarred Salsa Rehab

I've noticed that others have their own versions of how to rehabilitate an otherwise boring, mostly-tomato based salsa and make it fantastically all their own.

I've done it many times, many ways, but here's one of My personal favorite recipes for injecting some oh-hell-yeah FLAVA back into the world's most popular chip dip!

When store-bought salsa is boring, pretty much any effort you put towards improving it is going to be a success.
Ideally, most of us want a mix of warm, robust flavors and a thicker body...and honey, you're gonna get it!
Persons who like a sweet, milder flavor will be pleased by My inclusion of certain fruits.

The new and improved version goes from jar to chip in less about 20 minutes, and it's easy.

So without further ado, Here's MY .02 cents on how to transform plain store-bought salsa into Mmmmmagic.
Best thing is, many people will have many of ingredients already sitting in their kitchens.


Step 1: The Ingredients You'll Need

What you'll need:

Of course, start with a 15 oz jar (most common size) of that lame plain salsa you already have.

A mixing bowl to dump that boring stuff into

Saute pan

Large spoon or stirrer/scraper for mixing

About 1/4 cup of whole-kernel canned corn (mexi-corn works best, sweet yellow is good too)

About 1/4 cup of either seasoned black beans or re-fried beans

Hot sauce of choice, to taste.

Cheyenne pepper powder (or red chili pepper flakes for slightly milder taste)

Garlic powder

Cilantro to taste (preferably fresh, flaked is okay)

1-2 tablespoons diced jalepeno peppers (or green peppers if you're less adventurous)

1/4 cup of well-diced mango or peach

1 tablespoons pineapple (crushed or diced)

2 tablespoons (or more) shredded mexican cheese blend

Optional and Substitute ingredient list:

Onion powder

Dried Pablo chili (or Serrano pepper if you can find it) pepper

De-shelled roasted pumpkin seeds


Crushed Raspberry or lime bits

Step 2: The 15 Minutes of Preparation

Start by straining all of your ingredients well. ,

Strain that old, jarred salsa a little bit too.

Afterwards, dump the beans and  veggies into your saute pan on high heat.

Add the seasonings and powders.

After it begins to brown (about 6 minutes), add your herbs, hot sauce, and fruits to the pan.

Allow to continue to brown (another 6 minutes or so), stirring occasionally.

While it's browning, take that bland jar of (strained) salsa into the mixing bowl with the cheese blend.

When your other ingredients are browned and now fill your kitchen with deliciousness, dump them in the salsa bowl.

Mix very well.

Serve and enjoy with your favorite chips, or crisp-fried tortilla triangles (yummy!)

You could easily add a topping for the dip, such as sour cream or guacamole for a cool, creamy kick.

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