Introduction: Jarreth From "The Labyrinth"

This was the costume I "made" for Halloween last year for my little brother. We have a tradition of always assembling costumes from thrifted items and it's always a delight to see how they turn out. Unfortunately, I never think to take pictures in the process, but I thought I'd show you guys how the final costume turned out anyway!

Hopefully, you've seen the awesomeness that is The Labyrinth. My brother decided to be David Bowie's character, Jarreth. And it was full of awesome.

We bought his wig on ebay. Everything else was either made or thrifted. He wore women's boots for the costume, but I bet you Bowie did too. ; ) I did his make up with everyday cosmetic and assembled him a cool scepter thingy. Enjoy!

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