Introduction: Jax Bacon, Beef and Cheese

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I miss my philly cheese steaks! My first stop when coming home on leave was for a cheese steak, it could have been Geno's in So Philly, The Yellow Submarine in Maple Shade NJ or Phils which was right at my bus stop in Moorestown NJ.And after being in the hospital with my jaws wired for 4 weeks I had them sneak me in a cheese steak smoothie, guess what my first stop was when they let me out... Oh sure I can get what they CALL cheese steaks here in NE Florida but when you have to tell them to leave off the mayonnaise or mustard... yea you kind of know it's not the real deal. OK this ISN'T a real deal cheese steak either but it definitely fills the bill

Step 1: Why

I was shopping earlier and the deli had 2 pounds of fresh cut deli roast beef already packaged for less than half price so I grabbed it and immediately thought "cheese steaks tonight" Then while I was unloading the groceries I realized I had 3 slices of bacon that needed to be used

Step 2: The Grocery List

Deli roast beef
 cheese of choice, I'm using white american here since it was on sale today
hard roll of choice
 steak sauce, I use a generic brand similar to A1

Step 3: BACON !

I sliced up the bacon, there's a french cooking term chefs use for this but I'm not french or a chef so.. put the bacon in a medium hot pan and let it start to brown while you .........

Step 4: Onion

dice up the onion and add to the almost crisp bacon, allow the onion to begin to brown while you...

Step 5: The Beef

I took 9 slices of the roast beef and cut it in both directions to make bite size pieces, Then I poured about 2 tablespoons of steak sauce into the hot bacon/onion/grease stirred to heat through and turned the heat way down before adding the meat, tossed to coat with the onion bacon sauce and then covered with 4 slices of cheese and allowed to heat under a lid until the meat was warmed and the cheese melted

Step 6: The Sandwich

After I slice the roll I like to take out some of the bread from the top, this used to be the cooks treat if the rolls were fresh but todya the 4 legged furry vacuum got it. A little ketchup and sriracha along with a couple jalapeno slices finished the preparation of the roll for the bacony goodness of the beef and cheese. I rounded my plate off with low salt pickled cucumbers and red pepper strips

Step 7: Before You Ask

I thought you were on a diet  yes I am following a low sodium diet that doesn't mean I can't cheat occasionally !

What about the bacon grease and cheese? There was less bacon and grease in the entire dish than I used to eat just for breakfast, the same for the cheese, A diet of moderation not strict boundaries.

 This made 3 decently filled 6" sandwichs but it COULD have been one well stuffed 10" man sized sandwich served with chili fries... just sayin

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